April 8, 2017
Today’s Affirmation: You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.
Basically a birth control method is a method used to prevent one from getting pregnant/having a child when you are not ready. Birth control can vary from abstaining from sex, using condoms, pull out method to taking oral medications or injections etc. 
Even though there are various types of birth control methods, I will only talk about the ones I’ve used in the post and that have worked for me. I said they have worked for me because I’ve never been pregnant before, so I’ve never had an abortion. 
I remember the time we had a condom accident and sperms were flowing all over, I was so worried about getting pregnant. So I went to my GP (doctor) explained to him what happened and he suggested I take an emergency contraception also know as the morning after pill called Levenogestrel. The GP advised I go on a pill I can take regularly since I’m sexually active and it’s not advisable to take the Levenogestrel pill on a regular basis. But to be honest, I didn’t go on a regular pill because I’ve had scary stories in the past about pills and I didn’t want to go through all of that. So we continued using condoms but I became extra paranoid during sex because I didn’t want anything to happen to the condom. Every now and again after a couple of months, accidents happen so I pop the pill. 
My experience with Levenogestrel:
This is just a basic overview of my personal experience by the way, you can read more about this pill on Google. This is my favourite oral birth control method, I’ve had an amazing experience with it.  You can take it within 72 – 120 hours of having unprotected sex, you can get it at the GP or over the counter at a pharmacy. It costs £30 over the counter and it’s free from your GP. Majority of the time, I make the guy pay for it just for them to be more careful next time. They have a list of after effects on the leaflet that comes in the packaging of the pill or the GP will normally explain it to you in words, but I’ve never experienced any of the after effects.
Condoms are definitely a go to for me, I always have some in my handbag, I’m an adult that is sexually active and it’s my responsibility to be responsible too. So when babes doesn’t have condoms, I just take mine out. I advise you stay lubricated whilst using condoms to avoid cuts, redness in or around your private parts. Even with condoms, be extra careful because if he cum’s inside the condom and is still inside of you, it will spill out. So be careful and always remind him to check, guys you too, if you know you don’t want to get her pregnant, be careful and check the condom often. Again you can get condoms for free from the clinic or buy from the shops, I still don’t know which brand is my favourite yet, if you have a favourite, drop it in the comment box. 
The pull out method
Little joke, I was with my friend whilst editing this post and we had a discussion about the pull out method. He said ‘sometimes you think his pulled out, but he puts in hahaha. so be very careful.
The pull out method is basically when you have unprotected sex but he pulls out when his ready to cum. It has work really well for me again but just makes me extremely paranoid when my period comes late or I’m just having a fat girl moment with my bloated stomach. 
The Depo-Provera Birth Control Shot

I had the shot injected in my bum, it’s meant to last for 3 months in your system, so you have to renew it every 3 months. It begins to work immediately after the shot has been injected in you. Oh baby there is no return with this one, so you basically have to live with all the side effects for 3 months. It’s was a hell of a 3 months for me as I experience almost all it side effects lol (I’m laughing now but I wasn’t laughing before). Personally I wouldn’t advise anyone to go on this pill because if this was the only birth control method on planet, I will just abstain from sex. It takes time for your body to adjust to it’s normal state again. Got it done for free at the clinic. 

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