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March 29, 2014




Don’t you just love the feeling of getting an unexpected reward after spending in a shop???? I sure do!!




I always appreciate it when I get a thank you from shopping at my favourite retailers, but I get more excited when given a little gift in appreciation together with a thank you. This is why I love the FREE Click! Loyalty app, it gives me every day rewards for doing every day things with 100’s of independent retailers across London. It’s London’s best kept secret!

You all normally ask me about what restaurants, bars, coffee shops I go to and also how I find out about businesses that have amazing loyalty programmes and promotional offers for their customers, well I can tell you the amazing ‘Click! Loyalty’ app is your answer.

Now, the Click! Loyalty app doesn’t only provide you information about loyalty programmes and promotional offers, it shows you businesses that are close to you as soon as you open the app. For example, let’s say you are shopping in Oxford street, when you open the app, all the businesses closest to you on the programme will come up. The banner ad at the bottom of the homepage is geo-targeted: this means, it will show you businesses in your area that have promotional offers going on. But you can also search for businesses by their name, category, street etc. It’s very handy.

When you click on a business, you will see their app profile page pop up.  It has their business logo, business name and a description of the business at the top of their page. Underneath you can see their loyalty programme. For example, the programme could be ‘buy 5 coffees and get the 6th one for free :).’ The little white circles with an exclamation mark (!), turn purple every time you earn a click. You will also see a congratulations note every time you earn a click so you know you’ve made a qualifying purchase and are tracking towards a reward.  It does everything for you!

A banner ad is beneath these clicks which tells you about any time limited or other promotional offers the business currently has: this is really good because you wouldn’t miss out on getting even more!

When you redeem for a reward, you can share your great experience with your friends and family on your Facebook or Twitter page. There will be a box once you’ve clicked on the social media button, you can either share a default message or even write your own personal message! Why shouldn’t your friends and followers find out where they too can get rewarded?

A map of the business will be at the bottom of the page which will make it easier for you to allocate the business.

It’s easy to earn a click. When you make the right purchase, you scan a code which will be provided by the business. You don’t have to leave the app to scan the code, at the bottom of the app, just click on the second tab to scan the code at the retail outlet. It’s very easy and quick to use (and addictively fun!).

What I love about this app is that it creates a list of all the retailers you are currently active with, it also reminds you when you are due to redeem an offer: this way, you won’t miss out on any reward ever again!  You wouldn’t get this with a paper loyalty card – haha. It also gives you the opportunity to favourite retailers so you can find them quickly. To favourite a store, all you have to do is click on the little star on the top right of the company’s profile, the star will automatically turn gold. Then go to the ‘favourites’ tab and there it is.

The Click! Loyalty app is really great to have on your phone because you’ll never miss out on any loyalty programme or offers with your favourite independent London retailers. And if you can’t find a business in the programme, don’t worry, just send a message through the app and the team at Click! will follow up.

Say bye-bye to punch cards that fill up your purse and get moving to a world of loyalty programmes that lives right in your mobile.

I believe you are going to love this FREE app, so go ahead and download it from the iOS or Google Play app stores. The World has gone mobile, shouldn’t you?????

You can follow Click! on their social media platforms too for more information.

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