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I Shaved It All Off

November 1, 2014
Hey lovelies, hope you are all doing great :).ย In today’s post, I will be telling the story of why I shaved my hair. It’s a very inspiring one, so keep reading.ย 
When I did the big, I posted a picture of the new me on my Instagram and Facebook, I got lots of questions of why I did it along with lovely comments of how beautiful I looked in my new look.
The honest truth: I didn’t even know what I was going to look like at 1st, it was one of the biggest risk I’ve done so far, but then he most loved by me :). I knew I was going to cut my hair, but didn’t know it was going to be this soon or maybe at least plan it. But I was just in the moment.
The moment: I felt like doing it at the point of time, even thou it wasn’t planned. When you are in the moment and your mind is telling you do it, just go with the flow. It felt right at the time so I did the right thing.
‘If you are doing something and it felt right at the time, don’t you dare regret it later because at that particular moment, it was the right thing to do.’
The feelings: I felt renewed, powerful, confident, ever so beautiful and brave. It was such an amazing feelings and one I will always remember.
MY STORY: Before my friend was diagnose with cancer, he always used to tell me to shave my hair because he thought it would look nice on me. When he got he was diagnosed, I thought it will be nice to do this for him. He is such an amazing angel, always giving me great advises and being there as a friend. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ I believe this is why I felt so good about it because I did it for a stranger that became my best friend and someone who wants the best for me in life.
‘Good people deserves good things and happiness and my friend is definitely one of those people.’
The money factor: I got told I should have done it with charity to raise some money but to be honest, I did it out of love and compassion, so money wasn’t the goal at this time and it wasn’t something my friend needed as his last statement to me was ‘Liz I can give everything I have now just to have my life back.’ I cried a river when I got home but at the same time, baring in mind to cherish the precious moments, be around people that brings joy into your life.
Thanks so much for your constant love and support. It really motivates me ย :).
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