A Lifestyle/Inspirational Blogger And Business Consultant. I enjoy inspiring people and making people smile. So basically, everything I do involves creating a positive impact in people’s lives. 

The urge to learn and communicate is essential to me and I express myself very well through writing, teaching or sharing ideas.

I am a confident quick to learn and friendly individual, a reliable person that performs effectively and contributes as an individual as well as a team.

I have a passion for delivering high quality of customer service at work. I like to put my own personal stamp on anything I do in a unique way. I love selling and introducing new products to clients and customers and I always get a great outcome because of my positive mentality and persuasive spirit.

Not shy of learning new things, motivated as a self-starter, understand the need to accommodate other people’s interests and desires, and I am always fair and willing to meet the other person half way.

Within reason, I like to have a goal but be able to draw my own map to get there. To accomplish goals, I rely on asking questions and finding people receptive, so cooperation and access are important to me in a work group.